This is our project for refugee children from Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia, Benin, Iraq, etc.
FROM WAR TO PEACE Athletics for orphaned refugee children
In our club that i lead we have 35 refugees from Afghanistan,Somalia, Syria and Irak.They are young people aged up to 18, beautiful young ,believers and full of life. They run to save their lives fromthe face of the war and death. They arrived to Viena without parents , some of them are already orphans because the cold arms and people without a soul killed everything they had at their homes. My job ( our job) is hardbecause the boys just started to learn german language , but no obstacleis going to stop me from building a bridge of humanity. If they have still the power to smile after all they' ve been through and i will find the courage to keep going convinced that every men have to find the peace as long as they have a hope to obtain it.
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SKV Kahlenberg ist eine Sport und Kulturverein Fachgebiet für sport ist : Fussball, Voleyball und der Leichtathletik mit den Schwerpunkten Gehen, Weitsprung,Werfen, Laufen. Unsere Kunden sind Anfänger und Hobbysportler
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